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Projector Cleaning

Projector CleaningAt IntelliSource, we would like to provide a high quality projector repair service which supports the user, the distributor and the manufacturer.  We currently support LCD and DLP projectors.



Whether your projector has a lens problem, is flickering, not turning on, has an LCD burn, or has poor image quality, IntelliSource will advise you on the repair of your projector.


Projector Maintenance

Would you like to extend the life of your projector and keep the image looking brighter for longer?

IntelliSource offer a maintencnce contract for customers who wish to regularly clean and maintain their projectors.

A regular service and clean will extend the life span of your projector, and maintain a perfect image quality throughout.

Any fault will be caught early and repaired thereby avoiding any excess costs to yourself, and ensuring an excellent picture, and a greatly extended life of your projector.

Is this a familiar site?  We have some pictures of projectors that had not been cleaned in months and have caused the LCD panel to burn.


A simple monthly or even bi-monthly check and clean will prevent projectors from over heating and causing issues.  Contact us on 020 8561 5757 or download our price guide for projector maintenance.







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