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Why would I need 16:9 Ratio projection screen?
Generally this is used for home cinema where widescreen DVD's are used. Some modern laptops have a picture this size however they may or may not put out 16:9 by the external port which is the important point when choosing a projector screen.
Why would I need 1:1 Ratio projection screen?
If you are likely to use an old style Overhead Projector or a slide projector you would need this as they project a square image onto the projector screen. They can be used as a 4:3 computer projector screen as well by stopping the projection screen before it is fully extended so that it makes a 4:3 ratio.
Why would I need 4:3 Ratio projection screen?
If you are using a standard Video or computer you will usually have the projector screen image in this ratio (ie 1024x768 is actually 4:3)

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